Our servers quite literally carry Righteous, and they do so with a smile on their face (usually also teaching a health tip or two about our nutritious ingredients!). We are currently looking someone to join this gaggle of superstars and represent the Righteous name to our customers in a fast-paced environment and who are ready to expand their knowledge of ingredients and serve as a cruise ship director to passengers in food.

Job Description

Common Duties

• Wipe down and sweep all dining areas

• Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service

• Professional approach to table maintenance in a casual atmosphere

Table Service

• Describing menu in detail and answering all questions

• Process guest orders to ensure all items are prepared properly

and on a timely basis.

• Observe diners to ensure they are satisfied with food and service,

respond to additional requests, and determine when the meal has

been completed.

• Bussing and stocking, removing and resetting dishes and silverware

between courses, and cleaning and resetting vacated tables.

• Maintain a clean and sanitary dining room

Table Maintenance

• Make sure tables are bussed and reset soon after guests leave

• Attend to guests needs and fulfill requests with professionalism