Large Group Menus

We take reservations for groups of 11 or more and REQUIRE a condensed menu. We also REQUIRE a signed credit card authorization form from below.  The options below will ensure a fantastic and timely experience for your guests and the whole planet. A large group reservation ensures that your table is reserved for a maximum of two hours. We will hold your seats as a courtesy for 15 MINUTES past your reservation. We have a very small restaurant and we appreciate your understanding of our policies ro be mindful of ALL of our guests, not just a FEW. Plese e-mail reservation request to

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If you are looking for some help, you are in luck!  We are happy to answer any question you can come up with.  Also, you can download the DONATION REQUEST form as well as our LARGE GROUP condensed menus.  Please fill out the appropriate form, e-mail it to, and we will get back to you in a jiff.

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