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Lanny “Mexicutioner” Lancarte
Executive Tastemaker
If there was a brain behind Righteous it came from this guy, but this place wasn’t opened with big brains, it was opened with teamwork and enough passion to fill a cannoli. He is a cook by trade and in his spare time he likes to enter as many bike races as possible. He has an unbelievable losing streak that he hopes to keep in tact. His real passion involves sliding down snow covered mountains strapped into a plank as well as beating his wife at every sport that they engage in.



Chava Headshot

Salvador “Mucho Peligroso” Patlan
Captain Cook
Chava worked his way up the ladder at Lanny’s Alta Cocina in all nine years of its existence. He can pretty much cook anything. His left-brain is big. He can twist and turn any dish, or anything for that matter, and make it into a masterpiece.
During the renovation his attention to detail helped create the planters, shelves and much of the wooden plate ware of Righteous Foods. Chava likes to explore the areas mountain bike trails in his spare time, which he claims are ant hills in comparison to his home dirt in Irapuato, Guanajuato.

Esteban Headshot

Esteban “Soy Mexicano” Patlan
Kitchen Assassin
Estirs has worked with Lanny for 12 years and now shows everyone how things get done in the kitchen. He rolls pasta faster and with more style than any Italian, he makes cheese that will make you want to slap your grandmother, he’s an avid sausage stuffer, he makes love to desserts and can probably find a way to make something off your shoe taste good. In his spare time he enjoys belting norteno corridos and driving his brother Chava to a different level of crazy. He too hails from the hills of Irapuato, Guanajuato and the local mountain bike trails do not pose enough challenge for this little man with the BIGGEST personality.


Good for the body. Good for the soul. Great to taste. That’s what Eating Righteously is all about. It’s a way of life. And a way for more life. Our ingredients come from only reputable and organic sources. Nothing is processed –unless you’re talking about our cooking.
Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t self-righteous. We love our guilty indulgences. Just not every day. So tell your body, “Thank you body. You’re important to me. I’m gonna take care of you.” Clean, tasty, and healthy – that’s Righteous Foods.

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